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Co-founder and owner of Cornelsen+Seelinger Architekten BDA, Martin Seelinger brought to the hearing first hand reflexions about the need of changing attitude of clients and professionals towards energy issues.

As we realized some projects dealing with the issue of ‘refurbishment’ we found out that the term ‘transformation’ fits better to our intention. Transforming a building includes more aspects that are worth while to be considered and are interrelated, such as communication, construction, material, technique…… . The architect has an important position in the planning process as well as realisation process because often only a few people are able to keep in mind the target in each single decision to be taken along the way. The architect has to work as a kind of stage director, forcing the actors to play their rôle in the right time. Architects should use their creativity for developing the most suitable architectural concept but also be able to lead the interdisciplinary team of engineers and consultants to improve architectural quality under any circumstances.

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