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Capitalisation is a key word in INTERACT programme that intends to be a thematic pole on energy efficiency in buildings. Stefanie Ubrig introduced activities in INTERACT POINT in Valencia to support cooperation programs in Southern Europe.

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take advantage from local and traditional practices

natural risks (forest fire risks – maritime risks – transport)

key lessons – Thematic benchmark

analysis of 18 projects in 10 EU programmes

for the future: create a network between programs, increase involvement of private sector and increase project life

specific Mediterranean context: low insulation, low refurbishment rates compared to Central/ Northern Europe; in mediterranean countries heating spaces is the main energy consumption cause


ELIH-MED project: 500 PILOT HOUSES in 7 countries

involved not only users but even suppliers

regulatory framework for EE

common capitalisation strategy, partners’ platform and common policy paper (political level)

how to work with public administration?

AMPozzo is involved in one pilot project and said “participation starts from an interview to the inhabitants”

Emilio D’Alessio: the framework of mediterranean Countries is being monitored because it is about to expand (Montenegro, Albania, …)

SU: is possible to work with all these programs if you have a “mandate” ; it’s not only a technical question but most of all a political matter

ED’A even african part of mediterranean basin is involved in some project

A Joyce: is there a link with new EE Directive? Because is a trouble if any Country make a different interpretation

event MARIE 22 NOVEMBER: presentation of the draft policy paper and discussion with different stakeholders (different DGs, national, regional and local representatives). Presentations and policy paper available in http://www.marie-medstrategic.eu/