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EuroACE (The European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficency in Buildings) is the main promoter of the Renovate Europe Campaign. Adrian Joyce presented the features and purposes of the campaign.

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promote EE on the EU political Agenda

reduce Energy demand in existing building stock by 80% by 2050

achieving the campaign objective means DEEP RENOVATION

CONSTRUCTION SECTOR: resistant to change

policies – technology – training and skills

engage with industry for innovation

if we don’t get the 3% of renovation rate by 2020 it’ll be impossible to get objective by 2050

complete report on site renovate-europe: http://www.renovate-europe.eu/Multiple-Benefits-Study

AMP: it’s complicated to start the wheel if any single family has to pay 10.000 € in one shot

ED’A – it’s impossible reach 80% reduction of Energy demand without new buildings