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J. Owen Lewis was the Chief Executive of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland until recently and is the best placed to relate the way in Ireland are used to transpose and implement EPBDirective with the aim of achieving the EU 2020 targets.

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in Ireland they have to think in terms of decades: 2020 target is -20% energy consumption

only 2,3% of emissions come from agriculture

dwellings need more attention in this system – focus on dwellings

public agencies set standards for public buildings

action plan for EPBDirective implementation

new buildings control regulations to be signed

code of practice to be published

introduce low energy standard

quality! Not only efficiency

registered assessors

infrastructures compliance

campaigns for homeowners (pre 2006 and pre 2002)

1 million buildings to upgrade

realistic action plan from EPBD

compliance mechanism for Assessors and building owners

build a dynamic power grid (a software easily changing fuel mix)

exclusion of historic buildings?

S.Van Rompaey: in Belgium protected historic buildings are excluded from Energy regulation but other historic buildings are excluded only for the facades

difference between energy certificated and real consumption