Meanwhile the thematic paper is in the final editing/layout phase, at the end of April I started the dissemination activities participating to the Energy Cities Rendezvous in Växjö.

Well Designed and Built

Since its establishment in 1990 Energy Cities provides advice to cities on how to improve their energy profile, at the same time making pressure at national and European level for coherent and stringent policy framework. This year the Annual rendez-vous focused on “Building the Energy Transition”.

The event was co-organised with the City of Växjö and the association of Swedish municipalities, counties and regions actively working to reduce CO2 emissions (Klimatkommunerna) in collaboration with Linnaeus University.


I was invited to bring the findings of the URBACT projects dealing with energy efficiency and those of the workstream Building energy efficiency in European cities to the Annual rendez-vous, which took place in Växjö, Sweden on the 24th-26th of April.

Now that all presentations, photos and even videos of the conference are online I would like to summarize a few messages from the conference and the key…

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