Key questions

Key questions of the 6th Workstream: Building Energy Efficiency in Housing

  • How to help urban policy makers, industrial players, practitioners, end users and any other relevant actors of the building sector to contribute to improve energy efficiency in the housing sector across Europe?
  • What decisions must be taken to upgrade the regulatory framework to facilitate mainstreaming of green building materials, renovation and building techniques in the housing sector?
  • Which are the most suitable financial tools to support energy efficiency housing policies at EU, National, Regional and Local levels?
  • How to make energy efficient renovation and construction attractive and sustainable for the housing sector, both in public and private ownership, developing offer and stimulate demand?
  • How to overcome opposition between prefabrication/renewables VS traditional materials and building techniques in the housing sector?
  • How to involve citizens in the design process of the building refurbishment in order to foster climate friendly lifestyles in climate friendly buildings?
  • How to solve the conflicts between conservation of heritage value and new needs in historic housing estates?

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