Core Group

Antonio Borghi . Milan . Italy

Paul Ciniglio . Stroud, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Marco Pozzo . Milan . Italy

Kleopatra Theologidou Kalaitzis . Veria . Greece

Henning Thomsen . Copenhagen – Denmark


2 thoughts on “Core Group”

  1. The Municipality of Bologna is partner of a European project “GovernEE – Good Governance in Energy Efficiency”.
    The project is co-funded by the Central Europe programme (European Regional Development Fund).
    We are interested in the Urbact Call for evidence in the housing sector.
    Is this call open to any project?
    Where can we find all the information on how to submit a paper?

    How could we get involved in Workstream 6 and exchange findings and lessons learnt?

    Thank you very much

    Patrizia Marani
    Project Manager
    Municipality of Bologna
    Economic Development and City Promotion department
    International relations and projects
    Piazza Maggiore 6 – 40126 Bologna, Italy
    Tel: +39 051 2194530 – Fax: +39 051 2194652

    • Dear Patrizia, thank you very much for showing interest in our project. Having seen the website of your network, I can tell you that we are definetly interested in the topics you are dealing with. The best way to involve you is to invite a representative of the network in the next hearing that will take place in Milano the second week of November. I will send you detailed information via mail and call you in the next days to explain more about URBACT Capitalisation process. Saluti. Antonio Borghi

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